15 October 2009

autumn on the farm

the autumn garden still holds small hidden treasures, if you look hard enough

even on a cloudy wet day, there is beauty to discover

with the cool, blustery weather comes cozy days indoors

but there is something about putting on a scarf and a heavy sweater and going outside to see what I can find

no matter the season, there is always something wonderful here on the farm~

Enjoy this autumn day, where ever you are!


Mary said...

Love the image with the chairs...there really is something about fall when you are living on a farm. I miss rural living every day. Thanks for bringing a little to my day! ~mary~

Simone said...

Beautiful....wish I was there :)

undomestic chica said...

I WISH our gray, rainy weather looked that great!

Pony Girl said...

It's beautiful! I love looking at the leaves on the ground. And the smell of woodstove smoke in the air! :)

blondiensc said...

That is it..I need to come and see ofr myself this beautiful farm of yours! :) Just let me know when you are free..maybe we can swap houses, like the movie the Holiday! :)