27 October 2009

cabin fever

So, I was having a bit of a long day today, with #3 home sick from school, #4 needing to get out after too many days in the house (this was to be our "day out" were there not a sickie here), and I had planned to do my errands today. Not to mention, the whining was at an all-time high.

My husband, ensconced safely in his office at work, sent me the following list of suggestions to retain my sanity. I should mention that, seeing as I was stuck at home anyway, I decided to make the house a "no diaper" zone as potty training isn't going all that well for #4...

Here are some ideas...

1. Surprise box. (this is a box that we keep full of small, interesting things to occasionally reward the boys)
2. Art ANYTHING, get him doing something that will allow him access to the box.
3. Is he not able to get some time outside in the fresh air/Play house?
4. I like the no-diaper thing, that seems like a really great idea.
Think of the money we'll save on diapers!
5. Movies. Check the on-demand movies. And don't ask them, just put
the transformers movie on downstairs, or pick another one, it's like
fly-paper, they'll just walk past it and stick on it... they can't help
6. Tranquilizer gun, make sure to aim for the ass.
7. Let them destroy something of high value, they love to do that.
8. Nervous breakdown... seriously, that seems to work, it will give you
an extra 20 min.
9. Actually do something with them, an activity or game, sit and draw
or read to them... don't rule out wrestling.

Love you!

He is a good husband~


Queen B. said...

That should be in a sitcom.

susan said so said...
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susan said so said...

I just came across your blog (via Flax & Spindle) - I love this entry, and instantly love your husband, too -

As for the no diapers: it worked for my two... Quickest route to potty -training was to let them see/feel/experience the results of their "oops!" (Lucky for me they got the hang of it before they pooped on the floor.)

Hang in there, Mommy!



Chez Zizi said...

I like them all but especially #5,6,7. SO funny. It is also so funny that they can have so much wit (the husbands) since they are not the ones home with the sickies.
Hope it gets better soon, I feel for you, really I do.

Beach Vintage said...

Love the "aim for the ass" idea. Very funny.

A Gift Wrapped Life said...

Where was the tranquilzer gun all those years when I could have used it - LOL! He is a good husband (and funny too) most would hide on one of those days. Even an email is good.

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Love it. Good husbands are totally the cat's meow.

Jeanneoli said...

So cute and funny!!! We were in the house for days last week and I was going a little crazy!!!

Martha said...

I am laughing my pants off right now...and exactly how I felt today and was going to do a confessions later today:)

Morse Farm said...

Your husband seems to be wonderful!!!
I'm potty training our daughter too.....
Have a wonderful new day!

Laura said...

Very cute! And your husband is certainly onto the key....try to keep your sense of humor...it is actually easier to hang onto than your sanity! Good luck! Those years were not easy..
Take care, Laura

Lori said...

He is too funny! Sent by email I am sure as he would not dare to give you that list in person ~ he would have to run very fast. I like the movie ~ fly paper analogy ~ usually works like a charm.

Melaine Thompson said...

did Kimberly just say ass? :)

Joyce said...

This is sweet, cute and funny at the same time. Thanks for sharing. xoxo

MODERN Prairie Girl said...

Number 6 rang a bell for me as I remember my own days of potty training the ladies...as I enjoyed chasing them around naked (them, not me!) in the house and yard, much to my neighbor's horror.

Ahhh..count it all joy, my friend.
(better now!)

A-M said...

He is a WONDERFUL husband. Keep his little note to you... for when they are all grown up... to remember the special times at home with them.... the years fly so fast... you wont remember what it felt like to change a diaper(nappy... here in Australia!). A-M xx

Anonymous said...

Hilarious kimberly!! your husband sounds like the bees knees. Hang in there...potty training is not going so well over at my house too!

Relyn said...

Number six is completely cracking me up!

jules said...

love your husbands suggestions....so funny. hope your little ones are better, and that you get a bit of time to yourself...jules
p.s. amazing photos

Ange said...

I'm going to send your hubby's suggestions to my hubby! I only get phone calls asking for obscure translations on things like national defence aircraft while the dinner is slowly caramelising, someone is vomiting from gastro in the corner, the neighbour calls by for a beer and the other two possums are doodling on the old door I've been painting for most of the day ... Ahh - the joys of motherhood! ;-) Of course, most days it's not that bad (apart from the translation!!)

Drawn to The Sea said...

It's occurred to me more than once that you could, and should, write for the screen. What pictures you paint with your words, making me feel several emotions at once... all good ones.

Hope everyone is feeling better.
Have a sweet day, Miss Mimi.

GrannySmithGreen said...

How absolutely adorable! How we have all had days like that. So great of your witty husband to offer the words of encouragement.

I'm new to your blog as well. I'm having fun scanning the photos, which are beautiful!