15 October 2009

frenchie and flea give-away!

Have you ever had one of those moments where two seemingly different things somehow come together when you don't expect it? Well, I just had one, thanks to my dear friend Tara. You see, there is this darling girl, whom occasionally leaves comments that I *love* receiving. And then there was this marvelous little give-away back in June that I was the lucky winner of~

So, flash-forward to this morning, when miss tara posted about a Frenchie and Flea give-away. A really good give-away. An incredibly generous and really fabulous give-away. And then I went to their blog. And saw this photo:

~can you imagine being part of this super-cute friendship???

And funny thing is, I had seen that photo, on another blog. The blog of the very sweet a. love ~ So wait - "a. love" is the "allegra" half of frenchie and flea? seriously?

Did you see the lightbulb go on above my head? It did. You must have seen it!

So anyway, you really do need to head on over to the Frenchie and Flea site. It is well worth the visit. And hey, what if you win???



Tracy is ... Loving Pretty Things said...

isn't Allegra fabulous? I'm so blessed to call her family.........

I'm so excited for their giveaway!!


A.Love said...

You post just made me laugh :) What a really, really SWEET Post!!!
You do realize your store and look are totally fabulous right? Just checking!!

cottagesweet said...

LOVE it!! and I already went over there. How too cute! Love your post.

Kasey said...

i love allegra...and got to meet her when the hubs and i went to wine country.
it's a great giveaway.

Dustjacket Attic said...

They look totally gorgoeous girls, but hey, blogland is full of fab girls.