22 September 2009

Diner ce soir~

There are so many reasons I feel blessed having my Grandma living with us every other week - something she has done since #3 was born over 7 years ago.

One of those reasons is that I am able to learn the recipes that she made for us when we were children. Tonight I am making a stew that I remember eating at her house on those cold Minnesota winter evenings. Now, it isn't cold here today - far from it. But I have carrots and potatoes from the garden and I had a craving for it this morning. Thus, stew!

(for those of you wondering, I do plan to feed my family something other than stew at some point. I am not sure when that might be, but honestly, I can cook more than soups and stews...)



A.Love said...

my grandma can't cook :) but she sure can love!! she is my son's favorite person in the whole world--and I'm totally ok with it not being me if it's her.
Oh, and the fact that you're making dinner for your family at all is amazing in my book.

MODERN Prairie Girl said...

If you promise to cook in my kitchen every other week I will eat stew until spring. Seriously.
Can we have grandma come stay at our house?

Blue Muse said...

Oooh I miss my Nonie so much. I love, love LOVE that photo.

xo Isa

Drawn to The Sea said...

I'm curious. Did your grandmother inspire you as an artist? Is she a seamstress or quilter?

Peaceful day,

mimi charmante said...

No, Gram wasn't an artist - she is where I get my inability to sew from! :) However, Grampy, her husband, was an amazing photographer.

She is however the most patient, loving, generous, kind, and calm person that I know. She definitely makes a difference in the tempo of this house when she is here~

FrenchBlue said...

You are SO SO blessed with a Grandma like this and a Dad like that~ You are one to be envied for sure!

Jacqueline said...

Oh, your Grandmother looks so lovely....just how a Grandmother should look....do you know what I mean ? She just LOOKS kind, loving and affectionate. How lovely to have her to stay with you.All of my Grangparents and parents are gone now, although they all lived way into their 90's, but I do miss them very much. Keeep her close and enjjoy her company, as I'm sure you do and keep on enjoying those stews and soups, whatever the weather. XXXX

vicki archer said...

How wonderful for your children to have her care and attention and for your grandmother to be so loved. That is what family is all about, xv.

Florence said...

I love stew and could not get tired of it. That is great you can learn those recipes right from the source.

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

One can never have too much stew.

Jeanneoli said...

You are so blessed (and so is she). My grandma passed away two years ago. Stew sounds soooo good today. It is only 40 degrees right now and they say that we could get 6-12" today...isn't that CRAZY in September. I am going to be so mad if it ruins my fall and the leaves just fall without changing colors.

The Whispering Creek House said...

I know what you mean..I come from South Dakota and it is not even cold here compared to there! Grandma's are very special people!I love mine!

April Pantall said...

I love stew! It looks like that is going to be a yummy meal for fall!

Valerie said...

Stew sounds wonderful...we had such a fabulous summer (read COOL)here in the midwest and now Fall as arrived with a bit of a chill in the air...perfect for soups, stew, chilis, etc.!

I think multi-generational or intergenerational households are such a blessing to society. They teach our little ones the significance of loving, honoring, and respecting the elderly or at least those that come before us, and the grandparents/aunties, etc. teach us and our children life lessons already learned and ready to be shared.

As for your mid-life crisis post, I could have written it word for word. Apparently, many others feel the same way!!!

I turned 40 in August and have been doing some serious soul searching. One decision I made (and have stuck to my guns about) is to begin living life with no regrets. I regretted not staying at home when my daughter was born, and have since made the decision to stay at home now (my little ones are ages 5 and 2). While many women are returning to the workplace at 40+, I am bowing out. A decision I most definitely do NOT regret.

In addition, I have begun to attempt doing things that fear of failure has kept me from pursuing. For example, I recently answered an ad for a freelance writer. I have no idea what will become of my effort, but although my hands were shaking when I hit the "send" button I am so pleased with myself for doing it... an immediate self-esteem boost!

Continue being and doing who you are and what you love. I find you extremely inspiring.


Brayton Homestead Interiors said...

how lucky are you to have your Grandmother with you every other week. Stew every day sounds delicious to me. Just love your beautiful blog...


Morse Farm said...

How wonderful that you have your grandmother and that you learn from her.She must love it?!
I have to say that when I read your post mid life crisis I held my breath because you wrote almost everything that I feel right now.
So what ever advice you get I would like to know to:)
Have a wonderful day!

Hill Country House Girl said...

Just found your blog and it is just lovely. I adore that photo of your grandma and son(?). It is precious. Looking forward to following your posts. Thanks!