17 September 2009

Please vote for this fabulous cause!

(the following was completely stolen from French Garden House - completely stolen, robbed, taken. I have asked for permission to do so, but haven't heard back yet, and as I really want to get this out tonight before I crash into bed, I am going to hope and pray that I don't get myself into trouble here... :) )

Some people are destined to make a huge difference in the lives of others. They see a problem, and creatively find a way to get involved!They boldly step out in faith, to do something they are passionate about. I'd like to introduce you to Terry, if you haven't met her already.

Terry is someone I admire greatly, she is the Founder and President of Enchanted Makeovers, the mother of four children, and is an award-winning interior decorator.

Enchanted Makeovers is a nationally recognized non-profit organization that lovingly transforms shelters for women and children into heartwarming havens, places of peace and possibilities. Most shelters are deplorable, they are cold, ugly places, not a place that embraces a mother and her children and says "someone cares and values you", Terry and her talented team changes that! Enchanted Makeovers relies on donations of time, talent and funding from individuals, businesses and corporations to transform each shelter into a loving place many women and their children can start new, happy and healthy lives from.

In Terry's own words: "Today, transforming the shelters that save people's lives into beautiful sanctuaries that heal their spirit is my vocation. I have a passion and belief in my cause, something greater then myself. The answers are in and around us. Seek them out by joining me in bringing blessings to those in need."

Right now, Terry is featured on Martha Stewart's Dreamers into Doers , and I would love if you could go over there, and vote for Terry today! This will mean a 2,500 prize for Enchanted Makeovers, which will go a long way to buy the paint and fabric Terry uses to create a cozy, loving place for women and children in shelters, as they step out of their lives of abuse and go forward towards a happier life.

Vote for Terry Grahl:

Please also visit Terry's website, and see if there is a way you could help...there are so many ways to contribute, they give out hand made cards, need home made items, you will see, there is a way that you can join Terry to lovingly reach out to the women and children escaping from a life of abuse, and courageously stepping forward into a healthy, happier life!


Drawn to The Sea said...

Done! How fabulous if she wins, all fingers & toes crossed.

Sweet Day,

Torie Jayne said...

Done, Hope she wins! She has the most votes so far! Have a sweet day! x

manon 21 said...

J'ai voté!!
pour ce beau combat.



FrenchGardenHouse said...

Thanks so much for spreading the word! I agree, it would be fabulous if she wins, not just for the money, but for the huge amount of exposure Terry and her "magic volunteers" would get.
xo Lidy

jane said...

thanks for the heads up!

Nancy*McKay said...

...it's a DONE DEAL & btw, she's my 1st pick anyway...

Brenda said...

I so thank you for posting on this! I am one of the team members for Enchanted Makeovers and was just scrolling through my favorite blogs today, French Garden House and then here, and I see you're both supporting EM! Thank you so very much for caring! Your blog is always a delight and beautiful to visit!