01 June 2009

Divine Pottery

This morning, quite by accident, I stumbled upon the sweetest vases and now, alas, I am in love. I am hoping to add one of these beauties to my vase collection sometime very soon!

To see even more of Christine's fabulous work, visit her Etsy shop.  She also has a wonderful blog~


domestic bliss said...

lovely blog- these are so sweet. I am in love with anything that includes birds.
Happy Monday to you.

Joyce said...

Very sweet pottery. I'm off to check out her site. If you adore the little birds you might like Whitney Smith's pottery too. I have purchased a few of her pieces. Have a golden day! xoxo

Farmgirl Paints said...

Oh how delicate and sweet. Just the kind of thing I would love.

Nancy said...

This is what I love about blogging. I follow all these neat blogs and learn about so many wonderful things. Thanks for sharing! The one with the flowers is my favorite...soooo pretty!


Alicia said...

Delictely delicious!!! And she's in my state, woo hoo..shipping won't cost a much.
Don't you just adore happy accidents????

Christine--RHP said...



Anonymous said...

Easy to see why you are in love!

trishiekoh said...

So delicate and dainty...love them!

Duften av erteblomster said...

lovely pottery, i have visisted her blog before- inspiring!!!!

i like your etsy so mutch, beautiful work :)

nice that you left a comment at my blog!

wish you sunny days,
lots of hugs from vibeke

Such a Wondrous Place this Faery Space said...

Goodness is this a lovely grouping. Great to visit here and now I will check out her site. Thanks dear one. Blessings, Amy

paige said...

so sweet
i love the yummy blue iwth the tiny white birdies..so precious

pve design said...

Oh, those are so pretty.
Delicate and sophisticated.
A combo I adore.