30 May 2009

Endless inspiration~

This morning while *visiting* my dear friend Simone in London (oh, if only it were that easy to pop over and visit...) I was once again incredibly inspired for her eye for beauty.  Honestly, she finds photos that make me want to find magical treasures for our home and gardens.  

This kitchen is one of dreams~

I absolutely love this dreamy little garden space!

Now this is how a garden party should look~

She doesn't know it, but I will be sneaking along on their trip to Florence...

If you are looking for inspiration and a way to spend even more time on your computer, you really need to visit her blog - The Bottom of the Ironing Basket- it will be time well spent!



Gaia said...

dear Mimi, you are so nice! Thanks for your comment and thank you to "share" with us your friends...I'll check al the blog you suggest!
Have a nice weekend.
Tell me what are you going to buy at the Brocant, I'm so curious!

the espinozas said...

what a pleasure to work in that kitchen!=)

Nancy said...

Love those photos! Oh, to have a kitche and garden like that!


Alicia said...

Well I'm popping out from behind the column at their hotel so perhaps we can fly across the pond together.
So simple to say you're sooo right.
And I love the gardening space: the expansive rural landscape that lies out beyond with its heady, field fresh breeze wafting through both your hair & senses. I doubt you could drag me away. I'm going to need a comfy cushy chair.

Farmgirl Paints said...

Heavenly! I'm going to her site right now.

Anonymous said...

That kitchen is magnificent. So white - LOL. It makes me want to throw a luncheon and pamper all my guests with antique linen napkins and a silver monogrammed tea set. Just me...