26 May 2009


Good morning lovelies~

As it is (sort of) the beginning of the week, (the boys are home for one more day but handsome husband is back to work today) I have been taking stock of where I am this morning.  I have come up with the answer: scattered.  Granted daddy was here this past week and we were uber-productive on the property.  That being said, I am in serious "get back on track and move forward" mode.  I have been making lists of what I want to do and where I want to go with various projects lately but I think today is the day that I really start to organize them.  

One thing I find is that instead of actually working on my own goals as much as I would like, I tend to "float" around the internet, perusing this website, or that.  Now, many of those visits provide endless inspiration, but still, I need to start working toward the goals I have for my photography, as well as my Etsy shop.  ADD you ask?  Probably.  I am so easily distracted by pretty, sparkly things...  

I did find this etsy shop this morning - yet more meandering but still, inspirational on various levels for me.  I love the way she uses her photography to produce different etsy products.  I love that she has things other than simple prints for sale.

So, I thought if I put my goals for the week out there, maybe I would feel more accountable to get them completed...  Peer pressure?  Absolutely!  

~ I would like to take a new photo for a banner to use on something I am working on.

~ I would like to take a new set of shots that can be added to my shop.

~ I would like to purge, yet again, our clutter and find a nice big load for the charity - and take it in!

I feel like these are totally do-able and if I focus, it will happen.  That, and ample nagging from each and every one of you!

I also have something to show you - another project on my "wish list"...  Stay tuned!


Wendy said...

Hi there,
Stopped by (see, I get distracted too). I saw the pics. of you and your dad below and they made me smile. We are dealing with some sad stuff w/ my dad and it makes me want to be able to spend time with him. Glad you got to be with your dad.
~ Wendy

Stylestance said...

Thank you for a simply lovely and enjoyable blog ... a nice place to visit!

Gigi said...

Both of your posts this morning are inspiring--and just the kick in the pants I need right now! I, too, am so easily distracted by pretty, sparkly things. I'll have all the best intentions in the world of cleaning out the kitchen cupboards (which really need a thorough sorting) or filing paperwork, and then I'll find a lovely blog to read or come across an old stash of beads I'd forgotten that I bought last month. Suddenly, I'm off in dreaming-plotting-scheming mode again, leaving the poor cupboards and paperwork to languish. Sigh.

Debra said...

Wonderful thoughtful posts here this morning. I think perhaps your Dad's visit gave you the inspiration for this fine list of 'to do's'. Keeping it simple with basics and beauty- your inner French Girl is peaking through and it's charming.

Farmgirl Paints said...

Love your goals. I have been lazy with my to do list lately too. I really need to paint something asap. My blog is called Farmgirl Paints for a reason...got to get back to that:) So easy to get distracted and this blogging thing is a time zapper. Happy goal making day!

Anonymous said...

I always find myself being distracted as well but sometimes I see that as a plus. The things that usually distract are really my true hearts desire. I respect my "To Do" list but I couldn't live without the artsy distractions:)

FrenchBlue said...

I hear you. Today is the day to get back to business. I love your list!
I must get up now not later and get dressed for work... you are distracting me:)

Anonymous said...

Oh girl, i have been there, oh wait i am there always, scattered, that is me. But I want to push you to get your visions created and to conquere your goals, so I am here to keep you accountable!! I'll check back on Friday...te hee!! So glad you enjoyed your time with your dad, so important. xo