01 May 2009

happy May Day!

I remember May Day as a child.  We would make baskets out of paper, or cans, or decorated school milk cartons.  As I was a child of the midwest, I believe we had flowers in bloom to cut from our gardens (sadly nothing is in bloom on our property right now - I will need to be creative...).  My parents never helped us - this is something we did as kids, alone.  We would then go to the doors of our neighbors, hang our baskets, ring the bell, and run.  I remember it being so much fun.  

I guess, if I want to do it today, I will need to bring a child along, to make it appear that it was his idea...  Sometimes it is just so much more fun being a kid!

Happy May Day my friends~  I wish I could hang a basket on each of your doors!

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sherry lee said...

Beautiful May Day photos. The happy memories of childhood...hope you find one of your children and relive that happy time.

Happy May Day to you too!

Julie said...

Happy May Day!

I remember being liking the idea of May Day as a child even though we never celebrated it. Maybe I'll have to start. :)

Joyce said...

An a very Happy and Golden May Day to you my friend! I know now why Kelly (dog)choose to wear the flower collar today. lol... xoxo

Ana Marija said...

what a lovely thought!!!

pam said...

hi there. love the font in your header. would you share the name of the font? i've got a stationery business and would love to use this font on some work. thanks. pam

Miss Aimee said...

happy may day to YOU too. love your images you posted!