02 May 2009

Saturday Plans

I truly do love Saturdays~  All of my boys home, the Saturday markets, and good food.

Today is opening day for the Redmond Saturday market.  Often during the summer, the boys and I will ride our bikes along the slough down to the market (30-40 minutes each way).  We pull #4 along in the trailer, and with my basket we are able to bring home all sorts of produce, flowers, and goodies.  Today it seems a bit blustery so I think that we will be driving over, as I don't want to get stuck in potential rain.  

We are also going to be working on the little boys' playhouse this afternoon.  It is in dire need of stairs to the loft (dire after #3 fell down the hole and scraped his back up a few weeks ago...). It also needs to have the front finished, and my darling husband is incredibly handy and able to do these sorts of things. (clearly a cheap attempt at flattery in order to ensure the job is completed this weekend...)  

As far as food goes, well, that is up in the air at this point.  Usually I would be planning this morning, but have instead been finding all sorts of fabulous reading online with many of my favorite blogs.  Sometimes they are just too inspiring for my own good!  

Last night we had a double date with friends of ours.  We had a picnic on Lake Washington in the sunshine and it was simply a divine evening.  There was a man playing his guitar not far from us which really took the movie-quality of the evening to a whole new level.  #1 babysat the wee ones and when we arrived home the babes were in bed, and there were chocolate croissants rising on the counter for this morning.  (insert self pat on the back for raising such an amazing teenager, so far...)

Have a fantastic Saturday, whatever you do.