28 May 2009

A surprise visit from the UPS man!

There is something about the UPS man arriving at your door when you aren't expecting him... Such was the case this afternoon here on the farm.  I couldn't for the life of me imagine what might have arrived.  I would have never, ever guessed that it was something I had been wanting for some time now.  And it is even more glorious in hand than it was in the photos!

Simone is a friend that I have *known* for ten years but only met about seven years ago.  She lives in London and is often the first person on my wish list to visit when I have the chance to travel.  She recently started a fabulous blog which is filled with delicious images and inspiring posts.  When I opened the box and saw what was inside, I was only momentarily surprised at who it was from.  The note read: "the perfect gift for the perfect friend".  Could you love her any more if you tried???    The thing is, we met on the internet, through a wedding chat room all those years ago.  There was a large group of us and, ten years later, there are still a good number of us who communicate every week.  Most of the ladies I haven't met, some I have been blessed to be able to, and some I have chatted with on the phone.  I consider them some of the best friends that I have and I know that they are one of my strongest support systems when I need them.  I feel so blessed by them, and by you, for even though I haven't met you, I feel your kindness, and your generosity, and the love~

As for the book, it is so much more than I thought it would be!  It is heavy, and the cover is almost puffy (so incredibly fabulous), and the paper - the pages are like velvet.  And then there are the photos - in a word - DIVINE~  If I didn't have my french class tonight, I would be spending the next few hours savoring every inch of this book.  I am so very excited to come home after class, climb into my jammies, and settle in with my newest treasure~  You can find the book and Vicki Archer's blog here.

So thank you dear friend, a million times over, for every single time you send your love.


FrenchBlue said...

What a special friend & gift! I met my best friend on Ebay ten years ago. Amazing! What a good day for you! Come over and visit when you get a minute and see my drawing for a 3 month ad with Claudia at The Paris Apartment...free..

Lori said...

Ah that Simone is a special girl ~ as are you. How thoughtful of her ~ then again, you would do the same thing for her I am sure. Enjoy your book!

Alicia said...

Love Vicki....great woman .
Simone just introduced herself 7 i know we're going to be fast friends. This surprise gift seals it. I love doing that!!!!

Chez Zizi said...

Simone is the BEST! I too met her those many years ago and she is incredible as are you. I love the both of you and the other ladies in our group.

vicki archer said...

Thank you and what a wonderful, sweet and thoughtful friend you have in SImone, xv.

Simone said...

Surprise gifts are the best aren't they, especially when you know how much a friend will enjoy a particular gift :)
Thank you for your lovely post - the feeling is quite mutual as I am sure you know.
Enjoy the book,
Simone x

sherry lee said...

I agree with Simone...surprise gifts are the best, especially when you know the recipient will love what you've chosen and be thrilled. So blessed and I have seen Vicki's book many times...now to get it for myself!!

Joyce said...

Surprises and treasures are fun! I love how your friendship started and has grown over the years. Enjoy your beautiful book! xoxo

Lissa said...

Oh how sweet! I love surprises! Kristin from Twinkle life sent me some books recently as a surprise and they landed on my front step and it still makes me feel great!

Kasey said...

you lucky girl you...
you get a visit from the ups man with a fab package and i get a visit from the fireman.
oh well.
I love the book...enjoy!
{oh, and i'll see you a week from today}

Anonymous said...

What a sweet gesture..and a sweet friend. I love surprises in the mail. Oh and like Kasey said, see you in a week...I am so excited! Enjoy your book...it is sprinkling here in CA today, which is odd, and when you mentioned settling into your bed and reading, it sounded DIVINE!

Gaia said...

I've just discovere Simone and then you...love both blogs...
I'd like to have that book too... it is at the first place on my book list!

have a nice weekend...Hope you'll come to visit me