18 May 2009

Happy Monday

Happy Monday!

What a wonderful weekend we had here in the Pacific Northwest.  The sun was out in full force - it actually reached 80 degrees here on Sunday!  I was able to get so much done and am really looking forward to the week ahead.

Saturday started bright (really, truly bright) and early on Saturday with a trip out to historic Snohomish for their first, hopefully annual Antique Faire.  There was a great number of fabulous booths and I enjoyed spending all the time I wanted meandering through the booths enjoying all of the wonderful finds and treasures.  

My sweet friend Melaine from My Sweet Savannah was there with all of her gorgeous goodies and doesn't she look just as stylish as can be?  

I was also fortunate enough to run into one of my favorite local bloggers, miss Lissa of Humble Pie fame and her darling daughter.  She really is as cute in person as I had imagined she would be!

I met the lovely girls from Kindred Roses and they had the most divine booth FILLED with treasures that I would have loved to take home!

One of my favorite shops in Snohomish - Joyworks - also had a gorgeous booth right outside their store.   

I found some darling bud vases which I am always looking for, as well as another antique expandable wooden ruler.  I have one already which is mounted to our wall in the kitchen for measuring the boys.  

There were so many lovely things and I wish that I wasn't in super-save mode for my upcoming Farm Chicks weekend!

Sunday was spent in the gardens, weeding, planting lettuce mixes, spinach, mache, arugula (rocket), carrots, and my tomato plants.  I also put another peony in that I had purchased at the farmers market last weekend.  I was busy trying to get things cleaned up and looking good around here, because...

My dad arrives this week from Minnesota for his annual May visit!!!  I can't begin to tell you how excited I am for daddy to arrive.  I absolutely adore my dad - he truly is the best.  Every May he comes out, and no matter what is on the "to do list" at that time, dad dives right in and helps get the job(s) done.  One year it was the outside pen for the chickens.  One year it was the garden boxes.  Last year he and Chris made me a pergola for the east side of the chicken coop so that I could put a table and chairs on the stone floor they also installed.  There are always all sorts of small jobs to do and daddy is fabulous at getting things done.   Now, please don't think that we have him come all the way out here to just work.  We also let him take us to our traditional wonderful dinner at our favorite family-style Italian restaurant.  He is great that way- such a dad.  I absolutely love this week when he is here, although it makes me miss him all the more when I have to take him to the airport on the Monday morning when he leaves.  

Have a fabulous week my friends~



Lissa said...

Wasn't that morning in Snohomish fun!! It was so fabulous to meet you!! I told Kristin and Paige about just how nice you are!! One day maybe I'll get to stroll your beautiful garden! I worked in the yard all afternoon yesterday. planting... weeding... That is my favorite kind of day in the northwest. Me in my shorts, up to my knees and elbows in dirt, making my yard a prettier place. Well I guess I'll see you soon! xoxo

Kristin said...

Lovely post, pretty pictures for a Monday or any day really and love it that you love your daddy!

Lissa said just the kindest words about you. Everything she said just matched how I thought you would be.

Happy Monday to you!

Kasey said...

i am so jealous you got to meet Lissa!!!!
not long till we all get together.

Farmgirl Paints said...

Oh lucky you! What fun and you got to be there with Lissa and My Sweet Savannah! I love their blogs...how cool.

Thanks so much for signing up to follow along with me. I love that!!! Looking forward to getting to know you better.

Anonymous said...

What beautiful vignettes! It sounds like a wonderful event and a beautiful weekend!

Kindred Spirit Soap Co. said...

Hello, it was great to meet you. Christa and I had such a great time meeting new friends and sending home some great treasures with our new customers. I have added you to our blog roll. Hope to see you at Vashon on June 20th for Island Thyme Gifts Flea Market.
Julie & Christa

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a wonderful weekend, looks like some great items at the show..and even more lovely you got to meet Lissa and Melaine! I feel the same way about my dad, he truly is a major part of my life, I am lucky I work two floors above him and he lives with my mom about 40 minutes from me, I don't take that forgranted at all!
Have a grea day kim!

Ciara said...

It sounds like you have a wonderful Dad! I am blessed too in the Dad department!

Rebecca Frame said...

i am a little envious of your weekend...sounds wonderful.

how fun to run into fellow bloggers...what a bonus!!

used my lovely bag this weekend...makes groceries look chic!!;)

have a wonderful day!!

Joyce said...

Your weekend and all of those beautiful treasures including your dad tucked in one weekend. what more can a girl ask for?! Enjoy your visit with your dad. xoxo

Allidink said...

What great things! Wow I wish you could have gone :) I hope you have a great time with your dad!

All the best,

FrenchBlue said...

love the simple images!! happy monday to you too! still on time out with hubby~

manon 21 said...

tout ce que j'aime!
bonne journée

Ana Marija said...

What a great day you had... wonderful people you met,
all that beautifully styled stalls you photographed and enjoyed ... excitement you feel waiting for your dad to visit... all that lifted my spirits too!!!!

sherry lee said...

Amazing goodies to be found in Snohomish from the treasures that you shared...and to meet people from blogland...even better!!

Enjoy your visit with your father!!

paige said...

i'm so jealous
hooking up with some great bloggers & shopping temptation overload!!
you captured some great shots