15 May 2009

number four turns three

Today is one of those "what happened" days where I can't believe that my baby went from tiny to child in a blink.  Although I am sure he will always seem little and he will always be the last, I still can't believe that today he turns three.  Astounding.  

Thankfully, his birthday fell on a day that, at the very least, is beginning with the promise of sunshine.  Now, there have been other days this (supposed) spring that haven't quite turned out sunny in the end.  The good thing about it starting with a bright sky though, is that I can plan fun spring activities with my sweet boy, and that my friends puts me in a very.  good.  mood!

So, in celebration of a little man whom is the sweetest little thing, a fabulous playmate during the day when his brothers are at school, an incredible snuggeler,  and the perfect baby of the family,  I think that a trip to the zoo is in order.

Have a fabulous Friday my friends and enjoy whatever plans your weekends hold~



Debra said...

Happy Birthday little guy!
It sounds like a perfect day to me.
I goes by so quickly, doesn't it?
Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!
Wow, time really flies doesn't it? My favorite saying is, "The days may be long but the years are fleeting!" It goes by in a blink!

sparrowsandsparkles said...

Lovely pictures and happy birthday to your little guy. I know how you feel... my number three just turned four. :)

FrenchBlue said...

Happy Birthday big boy! Can you believe how fast time is going? Enjoy every little bit you can &
thanks for sharing him and his special day with us!

Rebecca Frame said...

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y to your beautiful little boy. Hope today is full of wonderful celebrations!! What a great reason to spend the day at the zoo.

Have a lovely weekend friend.


Georgia B. said...

precious precious precious.

have a great weekend!

Joyce said...

Happy Birthday little guy! I hope your birthday celebrations includes lots of cake. Enjoy the zoo!

Have a golden weekend! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Where does the time go? Happy Birthday little guy! enjoy your weekend and eat lots of cake!

Ana Marija said...

Happy birthday sweet little thing! Wish you were a little bit closer... (maybe Dora would even share her Thomas because it's your special day)...kiss and hug and kiss again!

Lissa said...

happy birthday little man. I hope you enjoyed your day at the zoo. Did you go on the merry go round?

Ciara said...

Oh wow! Happiest of Birthday wishes to you little man!

Three is BIG!