14 May 2009

Look what arrived!

The timing on the arrival of this package could not have been better.  I definitely needed a ray of sunshine to pick me up today and hurray!  Here it is!  I can't wait to sit in bed tonight and start going through them~

You can find out more about Paris: Made by Hand here and and A Homemade Life here!

You know, sometimes parenting is wonderful, sometimes it is emotionally difficult, and sometimes, it is just plain gross...
Oh, the joys!



Joyce said...

I'll read along with you Kimberly. I have the homemade life book. I am enjoying it.

Hugs... xoxo

natasha said...

Oh you lucky thing! I have been dying to get Paris: Made by Hand but it's not available in Australia yet, sob.


sherrieg said...

I just (as in about two and a half minutes ago) ordered Pia's book. And I ended up buying two copies of A Handmade Life - after I read my copy, I had to buy one for a friend. :)

Debra said...

More books to add to my never-ending list. Enjoy some quiet time reading in bed-that's a gift in itself.

Anonymous said...

Have a lovely weekend relaxing with your new goodies!! XO