03 May 2009

Kasey's photo challenge

Kasey over at Lola B has a photo challenge going and as I love my photography, I had to jump in on the action!

The challenge was to capture images that define you, whether they are of you or of those you love. As right now my life is defined by the loved ones around me, they are the ones who give me love as well as meaning.

{yes, this is old but I have a teenager who really dislikes his photo taken... }

It is amazing how blessed I feel when looking at these photos~


Miss Aimee said...

OMG. so sweet. i love them all!!!!

Nancy said...

Truly a blessing! Those photos warm my heart. Thanks for sharing the blessings in your life!


Kasey said...

great photo's girlie!
I am probably going to put my post up tomorrow, so that i can get everyone who wants to join....added slowly.

paige said...

what sweet boys!
you can tell you are a wonderful mom

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos, such sweet boys! U are blessed in so many ways.

Kristin said...

Lovin these pics of your boys. I know you are a proud Mamma and sweet wife.

Hope your week is wonderful!

Kelly Lunceford said...

These are so cute! Thanks for sharing!

Ciara said...

Ah sweet photos of sweet babies! Thanks for sharing these with us!

Joyce said...

All of these photos are pricelss. xoxo