24 January 2009

13/365 learning...

So I have been sick for the past two days.  Not flu-sick.  Just really annoyingly congested cold sick.  From the neck up sick.  Can't really hear very well sick.  But not "I'm dying here" sick.  

The bad thing about me being sick is that a.)I am a mom and thus really don't have time to be sick, and; b.) I don't do "stay in bed and rest to recover" very well...  Thus, the first two days that I really knew I wasn't well, I continued to run around and pretend that nothing was wrong.  By today however, there really was no way to fake it.  As Spongebob would say, I have the "ick".  The good news is that being confined to one's bed forces one to utilize what one has - namely one's laptop.  And thanks to the ever-wonderful Mishelle of Secret Agent Mama fame, I now know how to put a watermark on my photos.  


AnNicole said...

I've had the ick all day today too. I'm trying to ignore the fact that we have no milk in the fridge right now, and let myself take it easy today..which I agree is not easy :).

I love the photos you posted today. The wall color in the first photo is lovely.

Get better soon!

Wendy said...

I hope you get to feeling better. Now I'm off to read how to put a watermark on my pics. Not that they are good pics. that someone would want, just because I think they are neat when they have it.

Wendy said...

Hey, thanks for the offer, but I found it on her site. If that is the one you are talking about, if not my email is wcollier1201@yahoo.com


Karla said...

Feel better soon! :)

Love the close-up pic of the bed! Very pretty!