21 January 2009

the kitchen

One thing I love to do is spend time in my kitchen.  Whether it is cooking, or baking, or working on projects on our large island, it is simply my "happy place".  

Lately I have been playing around with recipes, taking the ones I like and adding my own twist to them.  One recipe I use nearly every week is my Chestnut Farm Chocolate Chip cookies.  I like to have them ready, still warm, when the boys return from school.  They love to come home to warm cookies and a glass of milk~

Today is a gorgeous day in the kitchen - the sun is streaming in the window, the dogs are wrestling outside in the yard, and the fog is burning off but still remains between the trees.  I am going to try and look for cooking/baking inspiration more often as I feel like I have gotten a bit laze lately.  So today, I will be filling the cookie jar.


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Joanie said...


If I have a kitchen likes yours I will be baking as well. Hope it came out great