12 January 2009

aspirations to do it all...

talk about setting yourself up for failure.  still, to aspire to more, to actually entertain, even for a moment the thought of success.  and who's definition of "all" are we considering, anyway?  what if doing it all didn't mean do it all *perfectly*?  what if it simply meant looking at what it is you place value on (homemaking, child-raising, cooking, gardening, travel, relationships, career) and then doing your best at that.  

for me, with my desire to try everything and keep learning, my dreams of perfection were long ago released.  last year my motto was "it doesn't have to be perfect, just lovely".  i think that is one i will be holding on to.  my dreams, instead of being perfection, seem to lean towards comfort, happiness, kindness, generosity, simplifying.  

this year, i aspire to find some focus, to take some of the things i enjoy - things i value, and do something more with them.  right now, i am making lists.  i love lists.  i make a lot of lists.  lists help me collect my thoughts.  they help me organize myself, my life.  so for now, i list.  i prioritize.  hopefully some meaning will come of all of it.  and then, with luck, and work, something will be built.  something of mine.  

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