09 January 2009

16 things about me

i am...

the mother of four boys
married to a wonderful man
in love with my kitchen
a food-loving cook
looking forward to traveling to so many places
happy in my garden
blessed with wonderful friends
a dreamer
trying each day to improve my photography
a creative spirit
in search of knowledge
hoping to one day go to africa
in awe of so many people that i have recently discovered online
inspired by these same people
addicted to my macbook pro
lucky to have my grandma living with us every other week

i jumped on the *tagged* bandwagon via tracey  - never hurts to learn a little bit more about yourself or those that you admire and are inspired by.  with that in mind, i am going to tag nadja because she can do anything - seriously; mishelle because she is seriously one of the nicest people i have never met; melaine because even though i think that she has already done this, she is the reason i even have a blog; and kelly rae because i need a daughter that looks just like one of her paintings (if anyone is taking orders out there...).


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