08 January 2009

shades of grey

it certainly has been dark around here as of late.  i took stella with me while walking #3 to the bus this morning.  i was happy that i did~ 
even though it was still really dark directly above us, the horizon was bright - much brighter than it had been for a number of days.  as there has been so much flooding around us lately, i was thankful for that little bit of bright in the midst of this wet, somber winter weather.  it may have been grey, but it was a prettier grey today...


elizaboo said...

I've just found your kind comment on my blog and apologise for not having seen it earlier - I've just looked at yours - and your house is beautiful!! That's my inspiration!!

Karla said...

Your photos are STUNNING! Seriously! I am overwhelmed every time that I come on your blog to see what new photos you've posted. You definitely have a way of capturing true beauty with your camera! Thanks for sharing such beautiful images!

~ Karla