11 January 2009

setting the reset button... 1/365

a year of mornings.  in theory it should inspire me to pick up my camera more.  but for some reason, it just feels like pressure to take a photo in the morning.  then there is all of these posts floating around with these incredibly inspirational ideas that really get me excited.  so....

today i am setting the *reset* button.  while i won't be taking morning photos, i will be posting something that inspires me each day.  hopefully most often it will be something that i have shot myself.  some days however, it will be a photo that i see that inspires me to be more.  do more. shoot more.  grow.

thus, as i have been truly touched by so many of her photos lately, i am going to borrow a photo from a friend as my first inspirational photo.  because it inspires me to get out there and shoot strangers - even if that scares the hell out of me.  i hate to intrude on peoples private space.  but if she had worried so much about intrusion, none of these magnificent photos would exist...  

happy sunday,

1 comment:

Debra said...

I photography I am seeing in this blog arena is amazing to me.
These tell a story for sure.