27 January 2009

15/365 The Kitchen Co-op

Today my inspiration - the thing that has me excited and hopeful, is a new group blog that we started!  I am really excited about it because of its potential. 

We have been in an economic downturn for some time now.  I am guessing that this is affecting most of us to some degree.  For our family, it has affected how we spend our money, how we prioritize our needs vs. wants, and it has also enlightened us on how creative we can be when we must.  I don't think that this is necessarily a bad time - it is certainly a time of growth and that is something that we can all use from time to time.  For our family, it has given us a new perspective on how incredibly blessed we are and how much we have.  It has also *forced* us to spend time closer to home, taking a second look at what we have around us, and it has led to some really great family time.  

This new blog will hopefully be a resource for anyone looking for ideas on how to save money, share ideas on places to shop that may have great deals, list your favorite recipes, and brainstorm on ways to run a home more effectively and creatively.  

One of my favorite mantras is "Simplify".  I think that 2009 is definitely a year to do that, for so many reasons.  I hope to see you all at the Kitchen Co-op  - your ideas are really valued and I would be grateful if you would share!


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