01 January 2009

jumping in

~~~~~~~~~~~~~fabulous photo compliments of clickwhirr

so after a bit of thought, i would like to alter one of my aspirations.  instead of doing "one thing that scares me" i am going to make it "do several things outside of my comfort zone".  being as not a lot "scares me" so to speak, but that there are numerous things that sit right outside my comfort zone, i think it will be more of a challenge to step outside that circle as often as i can.  

that being said, i think that this evening i will go to a movie.  alone.  now i know that while some of you gasped, others have furrowed brow, trying to figure out how going to a movie alone has anything to do with stepping into unknown territory.  so you might as well know, i have never, ever, ever gone to a movie alone.  and i wouldn't be starting now, this evening, the first day of the year.  except for a few things...  first of all, i am in that "take on the world/new year aspiration euphoria/i can be that woman i imagine i am" phase, being as we are only 18 1/2 hours into the new year.  secondly, i really want to see this movie.  really really.  i have heard great things about it, and just happened upon a rave review online, while  not even looking...  doesn't that sound like a sign to you?  seriously, doesn't it?   and i must really want to go because the movie doesn't even start until 9:40 PM!  why, that is nearly my bedtime and yet i am going out at that time.  doesn't this just scream "i am so stinking young"???  it certainly feels that way~

so, off i go to see "slumdog millionaire", and i am sure tomorrow, i will stop in to let you know how (hopefully) excellent it was!

have a fabulous night lovelies~


Debra said...

Mimi~ I love going to a movie by myself. I try to arrive early so I can pick just the seat I want- and I also try to go when the movie has been around a while- that way the theater isn't too crowded. Remember to wear a sweater that can be removed- you never know if these places are going to be too warm, or too cold. Let us know how you like. it. One step at a time......

Aden Meyler said...

I hope you enjoy it. Let us know what you think of the film. I love going to the cinema alone, too. It has been awhile, but I think I'll to plan a solo outing as well.