09 January 2009

photography crush

so it seems that i have developed a great big photography crush.  a friend of a friend, who will hopefully one day be my friend too (is that a song?) has always had a way with photography.  it would appear, however, that her *way with a camera* has now become a full-fledged gift.  she is amazing!  currently she is traveling to timbuktu (honesty, she probably is...!) and back taking these incredible photos.  i have chosen a few of my very favorites today, but as i *adore* so many more, you will be seeing them quite often i am sure.  i have assured her that in no way is my using her photos on my blog a pressure-tactic to get her to start a blog of her own.  feel free to comment though, not that i want *you* to pressure her either.  peer pressure...  that would be just plain wrong.  

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Kath said...

Hi Mimi, you have some gorgeous images on this site. I came over from Shutter Sisters. My sister and I are going to participate in Jump Start to try and chase away the greys of January.