19 January 2009


This post will most likely get me in trouble.  

However, whenever I need inspiration, I need only walk three doors up the street, to my friend Suzy's house.  Suzy does everything.  Seriously.  She gardens, and scuba dives, and rides horseback, and skis, and sails.  She does triathlons and I feel pretty confident that one day in the near future she will take on an ironman... She is an artist, a mother, a wife, a teacher, a world traveler, and an illustrator.  She knows about marine life, mushrooms, every plant imaginable, pruning fruit trees, silk painting, geography, horses (or any animal for that matter), agriculture, seaweed, gourmet cooking, raising chickens, renovating, and on and on.  Seriously.  

And whenever I need help, with anything (installing our electric fence around the pasture, teaching the dog to use the wireless dog fence, hatching chicken eggs, transplanting bushes, making chocolate truffles, painting silk scarves, etc...) she is there, within moments.  Seriously.

So today, while at her house taking photos of this:

I happened to shoot a photo of her:

I have a feeling this won't go over well.  Seriously.
(if you want to see some fabulous paintings, she has a web site that you must see~)


Will said...

Wow! Her seaweed pressings are gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing the link to her website! You're very lucky to have such a great neighbor! :)


Nadja Vol said...

An amazing woman indeed. Thanks for sharing. I love her silk work.