13 January 2009


France.  The french countryside.  Brittany.  I could live here, truly I could~

Today, while meandering through one of my many french websites that I frequent, I happened upon this lovely home.  For sale no less.  29 acres, two lakes, two buildings, old, full of character, loaded with charm, did I mention old?  

I think that we all need dreams.  I certainly do~  Don't get me wrong, I love my 1928 farm house!  I love our property, our old barn, the gardens, the chickens, the view.  And if I am not going to live in the french countryside, then this is exactly where I want to be.  

But to wake up each morning here, the sound of birds, church bells in the distance.  A cup of cafe on the terrace, riding my bike into town to buy a baguette which I would carry home in my bicycle basket along with the wildflowers I picked, of course wearing a darling skirt and cute shoes.  Oh yes, I dream, I dream a lot of this place~

So, for now, I will try and take what I can from the french - their food, their gardens, their way of life, and I will try and make our little piece of heaven here in the states just a little more french.  

And I will keep taking those french lessons...  Just in case!


please sir said...

Wow that sure does sound amazing! TWO lakes...I'll take it!

AnNicole said...

Oh wow. I'm right there with you. I could live like that in a heartbeat. I must know these french websites you're visiting!