01 January 2009

a mantra

traci clark had a wonderful post on shutter sisters this morning.  she spoke of the possibilities of the new year, and of having a mantra to provide inspiration, strength, and for me, to get me through those moments when i need a little extra push.  it made me think...  i don't have a mantra for 2009.  oh, i need a mantra.  a mantra would serve me well, but still, what words to use.  last year, my mantra was "it doesn't have to be perfect, just lovely".  i think this first marvelous day of 2009 will be spent in thought, finding just the right words to carry me through the coming year.


maz said...

I second that sentiment mimi!

tracey clark said...

indeed, lovely certainly does strike my fancy more than perfect any day. i love it.