15 January 2009


Although it may seem like a small thing, these knobs have caused me quite a lot of grief.  These knobs are the LAST. TWO. KNOBS. in our kitchen renovation, which ended nearly a year and a half ago.  Everything else was finished, wrapped up, completed.  But not these knobs.  This particular cabinet had blue painters tape on it, a make-shift handle, that was clearly meant to last until maybe last November or December.  Of 2007.  But miraculously that durable blue tape lasted until this past September - 2008.  And yet, no knobs were installed.  I used my fingernails in the grooves (broke only one that way...), I used butter knives, I used whatever I needed to get them open, and to avoid installing those knobs.  Sometime last autumn it occurred to me that I had been unconsciously avoiding installing those knobs.  Maybe it had something to do with closure.  Maybe I didn't want the first really big project I had ever planned to end.  Whatever it was, it was apparent that I simply wasn't ready to install those knobs and finish the job.

But today, after I took the photos of the kitchen, a kitchen that I really truly love, it felt right.  It felt like it was just the right time.  It was knob time.  And so, this evening, before my husband arrived home, I gathered the tools and did a bit of drilling.  

And now we have knobs~

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Nadja Vol said...

It is always a thrill to get rid of those blue painters tape makeshift knobs! After our remodel, it took months to get rid of all that blue tape! What lovely glass knobs you chose. Happy opening and closing and great do it yourself work!