15 January 2009


I would guess that you are wondering what this photo is of.  Is it that tree, slightly out of focus and off center?  Is there something in the sky you just can't quite see?  The shape of a particular cloud perhaps?

Ooohh  no...

When I look at this photo, the thing I see - the only thing I see, is BLUE. SKY.  Yes, there are clouds, but look between the clouds.  Do you see it?  That gorgeous shade of blue?  The blue that I have known has been up there all along, just out of sight.  I will admit that I have been longing for blue a bit more than usual this year, although I am not sure why.  I can't wait for spring, and for the time I will spend in the gardens, planting seeds, and planning different beds.  Even though it might be cool outside, the sun will be on my shoulders and it will just feel good.  I am really looking forward to spring this year~

So this photo, taken yesterday, has inspired me to begin planning my vegetable gardens.  The seed catalogs will soon arrive (the baby chick catalog came yesterday!) and I want to have my list of family favorites ready!

You should know that I also took a photo of a shadow on my floor when the sun peeked out for a few moments yesterday.  If you think that you were confused by the cloud photo, you should see the shadow shot...


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