05 January 2009

okay, i'm in

everyone needs a challenge, right?  i definitely need one - something that pushes me just a bit further.  this "a year of" challenge that so many of you are on tweeks my interest...  thus, even though i know that mornings will come when i curse walking down this road, i am going to jump in, both feet, eyes squeezed tightly closed!

so, here is day 1/365 - a rainy monday here in the pac nw.  my very first day in my year of mornings~


Debra said...

You have started out on the right foot. One step at a time.
A great start to a New Year.

Terri said...

Welcome to the group :0)

I found you because you posted on my blog

Kelly C. said...

gorgeous! i love the rain, and you've captured its essence.

Mishelle Lane said...

Awesome! Beyond awesome!