14 January 2009


Yes, I know, "france again?" you ask...  

I am having a bit of a *thing*, you might say.  I will work my way through it, I always do.  But oh, that lifestyle, the quite, slower pace of the French countryside, the food!  

We spent two weeks driving around Normandy and Brittany a few years ago and that is when my love affair was solidified.  

There must be a comprimise.  Really there must...

Have a lovely Wednesday - I hope to make it to the French Bakery today~


(and would you believe mrs. french is guest posting for little brown pen because she is *actually* really truly moving to paris!!!  so very jealous am i...)


please sir said...

Thanks for your email! There is a french bakery in Raleigh, NC that I LOVE to go to - so yum!

Country French Antiques said...

Who is saying "France again"?
Not Me!!!
One trip is all it takes and they gotcha!
Thanks for sharing and have a beautiful day!!