18 January 2009



I have been thinking lately that it might be fun to bring back bartering.  You know, "I'll trade you a dozen eggs for some vegetables from your garden/fruit from your trees/babysitting/etc".  Even though we can afford to buy such things, the idea of trading what we have for something that we want or need gives me such a sense of providing in a traditional way.  I stay home to raise my children and run our home.  Thus, I don't bring home a paycheque which contributes to our family.  My husband - truly the most supportive, incredible man a girl could ask for,  provides us with such a wonderful life.  But sometimes I feel the need to "bring something to the table" so to speak.  And what better way to do that than to take the things that I "make" - from my girls, the gardens, various craft projects that I do, my photography - and exchange them for things that our family could use.  It really feels like returning to our traditional ways of providing and I love that.  

Do you remember this guy and his red paperclip?  If he could barter for a house, isn't it possible that we could all barter for some of the things we could use? 

I looked around on the internet a bit and came across this article which provided a bit of inspiration and ideas on where to barter if you wanted to go outside your immediate circle of acquaintances.  Who knew?  

Do any of you partake in any form of bartering?  Do you exchange foods, talents, or time?  How did you start?  What inspires you about the practice.  I would *love* to hear your stories!


Wendy said...

No, I don't barter, but I do like the idea. So are you going to do it? What will be your first thing to barter?

Nadja Vol said...

I partner with another farm girl friend of mine, we do a work swap. Trading off one day a month to help each other on our property, cleaning animal pens, working in gardens, turning compost piles, what ever needs to be done.

Another idea I think we should do is to have a canned goods exchange. For those of us who can and preserve food, jams, jellies, bring canned foods that are left over after the winter, and do a food exchange.

Here's some things I could barter with now and moving forward: home canned goods, baked goods, origami crane mobiles, home grown veggies, flower arrangements, eggs...

mimi charmante said...

I absolutely *adore* my crane mobile!
I would love to do a canned good exchange. I did pickles, as well as two jams this year, and hope to do a lot more next year. I would exchange canned goods for fresh produce as well~
I make re-usable bags for groceries, etc that I could use as well.
Such fun!

duchess401 said...

I LOVE the idea of bartering and have been thinking the same about the need and desire to do so. I suppose it's this crazy economic time we're in--but bartering is fun for many reasons. Please keep updates on the bartering factor. I'm just now getting to stay home again and working on getting the fun stuff in order, so I will be in touch with what I can offer the troop. :) I live in Texas, which might be a glitch, but would love to give it a try! I went to the gem show yesterday--maybe a pair of earrings would interest someone? My not always current blogsite: http://duchess-of-reel.blogspot.com/ I'll mention the bartering idea too--let's see what happens.

Karla said...

I LOVE to barter! I do it with my hair stylist! She gives me a new 'do and I help design her a new room! Works perfectly! I'm all for it! :)


simoneA said...

I love this idea....now all I need to do is move across the Atlantic ;) Seriously though, I may have to suggest this idea at my next Mothers Night Out.