19 March 2009

the "bud" post

I know, you are beginning to see my desperation when it comes to finding things in my gardens to photograph.  It is clear as day to me, so it must be just as crystal to you...  But this morning, while walking to the bus with #3, I was amazed at the amount of buds on so many things that just last week were as dormant as could be.  So, without further ado, I give you, the buds~


"the pink bush"



snowball bush

    climbing hydrangea



Metropolitan Mum said...

Hi there, beautiful buds and beautiful blog! Unfortunately, I am useless at taking pictures, otherwise I would have sent you a picture of the strawberries I planted two weeks ago, they are carrying little blossoms. Spring has definitely arrived in London.

PS: And yes, I would love to come to your cafe and have a cup of tea and some cake.

Joanie said...

its beautiful. I can't wait to visit our local botanical garden but I have to prepare my allergy medication and a lot of tissue for sneezing before going.