16 March 2009

self-portrait for the month of march

So I joined a self-portrait group on flickr a while back as I thought it would give me the inspiration/challenge/pressure that I needed to take photos outside of my comfort zone.  I am definitely a "behind the camera" girl.  It is my happy place~

Today I realized that we are officially more than half-way through March and I hadn't done my portrait.  As this month was an easy assignment - headless portraits.  Seriously, how could I go wrong?  Except that today I was wearing my very comfy Anthropologie pants that are rather huge if I do say so myself.  But alas, I was checking so many things off my "to do" list and taking the photo in the crazy pants seemed like the lesser of two evils when it came to putting it off one more day.


Joyce said...

I too find myself behind the camera. A great self portrait pic. The pants look comfy.

sherry lee said...

Those pants look amazingly comfy and you look casual and relaxed...a good way to be!