15 March 2009

a snowy, rainy, blustery, sunny Sunday

We have certainly had some interestingly odd weather here as of late.  I have to say though, today definitely takes the award for most diverse...

We began the day with a snowstorm - big flakes and everything was white~

Then came the rain, drizzly and cold.  I took a drive to see if I could find anything at all that looked interesting in all of the gray~

When I returned home, the sun had already begun to peek through, but the winds had begun!

And even though it now looks pretty out with the sun streaming down over the property, those winds are mighty blustery today~


A Smattering of Laura said...

Beauty in diversity! Love the pics! Laura

Joyce said...

WOW- all of this in a days work! Beautiful photos! I enjoy stopping in to visit, your photos always inspire me! Enjoy!!

onesilentwinter said...

gorgeous phots!

Anonymous said...

Love the tracks and the window.

Allidink said...

All those pictures are beautiful!

All the best,