20 March 2009

finding spring online

Last evening, while hubby put the sillies to bed, I spent some girl time (hard to come by when you are alone in your quest for girl time around here) looking at pretty things on my computer. It is incredible how many pretty things are out there!  

Lucky for me, I came across Brocantegirl, and her wonderful flickr site, with a definite eye for lovely.  They are so very sparkly and oh so appealing to me.  I think it is the lightness, the feeling of spring and open windows, and sunshine that I long for.  As today is yet another cloudy wet one I think I shall be spending a bit of time looking for the first day of spring online!

Happy Spring my friends,

1 comment:

Joyce said...

I adore all of the pictures. I belive you found spring from within! xoxo