31 March 2009

a very blustery day indeed

I love days like this.  Days where the wind rushes through the trees before daylight breaks, and I feel so safe and cozy in my home.  Days where I know I can get things done inside.  The perfect day for cleaning out some drawers and closets, getting photos taken and items listed in my etsy shop, have a friend over for tea, and do some baking perhaps.  #2 made the first cut for his school soccer team try-outs yesterday - no small feat when you are a 7th grader and only 3 7th graders made the first cut (the team is grades 7-9).  I think that having cupcakes ready when he comes home from the second day of try-outs is a great idea, seeing as they can be used for celebration (if he makes the second cut) or to bring cheer (if he doesn't).  

I love the word *blustery* as it reminds me of winnie the pooh, and of childhood~
Have a lovely day my friends,


Kristin said...

What a sweet post. Now I like the word "Blustery" too! :) I love your posts and love how you express your wording on your blog. Oh and then add your taste in images and well, you just have a lovely blog all over.

Have a great day!

paige said...

thank you immensely for such a heartfelt note about my sweet father in law....so so thoughtful.

i love your blog.
the images are breathtaking
must shop over at your etsy....LOVE the roses shot, love the hydrangeas....
love the tulip shot from the previous post...just lovely!!

four boys!! oh my!!!