23 March 2009

I never wondered why I missed her.  From the moment I read those words (I still can't count down from 5 without thinking about her leaving), I knew that one of my favorite bloggers had decided to leave.  My mornings would never be the same.  And I am not alone... karey m. has a way with words that I have yet to find anywhere else.  

I now must find my karey fix whenever and where ever she guest blogs.  It simply isn't often enough.

I think Maggie from okay fine dammit describes her beautifully when she says~

"Officially, I’m passing this award on to Karey of Mackin Ink. Karey is a midwestern mom of three daughters now living in the middle east. Her writing is easy reading, and just unique enough that I’m always left feeling like I just finished some sort of profound fairy tale. There’s a lovely mix of deep and light, of rich fudge and pink sprinkles, and when she really decides to grab you by the lapels and tell you something important? The results areastounding. Not only that, she’s a generous soul. Trust me on that one."

So, with my clear adoration of this magical girl, you can imagine my joy, pure, utter joy, when I saw this first thing this morning.  Really?   Were you trying to make my day?  My week?  My month?  Because believe me, there truly isn't anyone who can top this one.  No one.

So from the pacific northwest to the middle east, I am sending you love.  And hugs.  And so much appreciation for your kindness this lovely monday morning.  

(and I still miss you terribly...)


karey m. said...

oh. well this was beyond...

made my month. truly. i appreciate it. xoxo.

Maggie, Dammit said...

I agree, she is so completely wonderful and she is so, so missed.



(just kirtsy'd you.) :)

Joyce said...

What a beautiful post you did for a special person. xoxo