11 March 2009

garden beginnings

After bringing the chicks home today, I thought - seeing as although it is cold out, it is also very sunny and spring-looking, I would start some of my garden seeds indoors.  We have a rather large laundry/mud room that is really bright.  It now is home to my seedlings and bluebelle and rose.  I definitely feel spring on the horizon!


Lissa said...

I am enjoying your blog so much! Those photos made me want some baby chicks. (my kids wish...) Today I went out and purchased a small apoc. jar to put my easter candies in like yours. You inspire me!

A Smattering of Laura said...

I posted pics of my starting a rather sparse garden too the other day, but I love your individual pots! Too cute!!

Allidink said...

Oh neat! What are you growing? I plan on starting a garden someday. You must post pictures of their progress lol.

All the best,

Lin said...

Your little chicks are gorgeous! We'll be getting chicks soon too and we can't wait! Yes, what are you growing? Flowers or food? Or both? I try to be practical and grow vegetables and herbs, but I can't help but grow some gerberas and daisies as well!

mimi charmante said...

Right now there are beets, squash, cukes, beans, various flowers, and basil. Some things will go right into the ground soon - peas, sweet peas, lettuce. Then the rest will go directly to the gardens when it warms up (things that don't like to be transplanted). Isn't it such fun to plan for spring?