19 March 2009

The value of new friends/fabulous web site

how much do I want to make a "wellie rack" like this???

this would be absolutely perfect for the clothes line I am dying to have...

I just love old wire baskets for storage in my breakfast nook!

I think I have a sink fetish...

this actually comes just like this!

Thank you to the ever-darling Ana for directing me to this site - the web site connected to the cafe that really should be mine...  I am totally in *LOVE*!  I really need to plan a trip to the UK to visit what appears to be my store soulmate...   Thank you thank you thank you Ana~


sherry lee said...

Cool site!! You find some amazing things...love those big scissors on the wall of the home page on the site!

Joyce said...

Oh my goodness! I would get lost in this store!! Very neat things. Thanks for sharing. Have a golden weekend! xoxo

Kristin said...

Oh I am lovin this!
Have a smile filled day!