19 March 2009

Rainy day projects

I have had a couple of projects on my mind lately and so today, I thought I would try and finish them.  We are expecting company this weekend, and isn't it amazing what impact impending guests will have on your "to do" list?  :)

The first thing I have been working on is making two pillows for the boys to sit on when they are on the floor.  I have had a couple of coffee bean bags here and wasn't sure what to do with them.  They are perfect for the floor as they are relatively durable and fit in with our decor. One of them has canvas on the back, the other is all bean bag~

I have also had a little slip-cover half completed for one of my ottomans.  Today I decided to finish it and I am quite happy that it is done.  It looks nice with the slip-cover on the antique chair I had done two years ago~


Anonymous said...

love these. I was thinking finding some burlap used somewhere and making some stuff. Great project.

Kristin said...

I just found your blog through Queen Bee's blog. I love your blog and these floor pillows!

sherry lee said...

Those pillows are amazing...and I love the chair and the ottoman! I have a friend who is like you and slipcovers and changes ottomans...she sees something she likes in a magazine and away she goes. I love it when people can do things like that!