05 March 2009

an " I wish" list...

I love my home.  I love it because the bones are so wonderful, because right now the palette is clean (french linen colored walls, dark floors, white kitchen, lots of windows), and because it has so much potential.  

I  love the blogging world.  The blogs that I follow are amazingly inspirational.  I am constantly introduced to new designers, new stores (online or otherwise), and new ideas that would be *just*.  PERFECT. in our home.  Granted, this is a very short list of the endless beautiful gorgeous wonderful things that I would love to have.  Oh, to wake up with all of these lovelies each morning~

1. I would like my front door to be as inviting as Brooke's~

2. I really like the Scandinavian grey tones of these homes~

(would you believe this is actually Brooke's entry???)

3. There is nothing I don't like about the fabulous miss shannon.  How I adore the simplicity of her dining area (not to mention her views, her property, her style...)

4. I wish my entire home had the feel of "pretty" like the lovely Lobster and Swan.  

5.  I wish I could make my busy spots look this appealing...

6. If only my workspace looked like this one from Nicolette Camille, courtesy of Design Sponge~

7.  I intend to make my garden boxes this darling, when spring arrives that is.

Sometimes the most fun comes from all the dreaming you can do~


Velvet and Linen said...

I am so honored to have my home as part of your beautiful post.
Your blog is beautiful!
I am adding you to my blog roll.


Lobster and swan said...

seems like we wish for a lot of similar things : )

thanks for including me on your wish list!


Joanie said...

Mimi, I wish the same thing. Those pictures are beautiful...something you'll see on a magazine

Lin said...

I'm with you on all of those!

Kimberlee said...

I agree with the lovely bloggers above - what an honour to see something I posted included in your list, I wish for all of those things as well xx