17 March 2009

the cookie jar

I am sure that you can imagine the importance of a full cookie jar in a house full of boys.  I make cookies at least once a week, having them ready and warm when the boys arrive home from school.  Sometimes we make them so that they are ready for dessert in the evening.  Yes, I did say "we".  One of my darling young men - #2, is becoming quite the fantastic sous chef.  He is fabulously helpful in the kitchen, and can totally make our Chez Taylor chocolate chip cookies by himself.  You see, 99.98% of the time we have the same exact cookies in our cookie jar.  It isn't that I don't want to be creative when it comes to cookies.  There are various recipes that would be fun to try.  The thing is, my boys, my man in particular, really like these particular cookies.  It is a recipe that we "made up", added to, changed, and now feel we have perfected for our family.  Thus, Chez Taylor cookies it is.  And I am not complaining that I don't need to even look at the recipe to make them.  Simple is sometimes quite a blessing~


Tracy is ... Loving Pretty Things said...

what a fun mom. love that you have your own special family recipe. such a sweet family you have!

Joyce said...

How sweet this is AND the memories they will have someday as they have their own families. OK I know I'm jumping ahead. I love how you make the cookies on a regular bases and to have a helper. Too cute!! xoxo

sherry lee said...

I miss my cookie baking days...haven't thought about them until reading this. For every special holiday throughout the year we'd bake a special cookie mix with cookie cutters for the holiday...and dye them if need be for Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day...great memories around something so simple.

Tina said...

Nothing beats chocolate chip cookies!
Thanks for stopping by my blog!