12 March 2009

Truly Flattered

I don't know if you have ever come across something of yours on another site.  After you recover from your delighted shock, a huge smile seems to appear that won't seem to disappear no matter what crazy child caper occurs.  I am so incredibly flattered these past couple of days, with the discovery of my photos or kitchen on THREE DIFFERENT BLOGS!!! 

First, there was the fabulous Lissa from Humble Pie and her lovely post about my kitchen.  As a fellow wearer of Uggs, I already adore her and have only just started to read her blog~

I was then blessed to be blogged about by the creative genius Melaine at My Sweet Savannah. Not only have I loved her blog since I began blogging, but she is one of the reasons I find myself in this virtual world in the first place!  She also has a wonderful Etsy shop where she creates such wonderful finds~

Then, today, when I truly didn't think I could be any happier about all of this, I came upon, quite by accident actually, THIS!  Seriously - really???  Ez  at Creature Comforts is like the girl I want to grow up to be (although I am quite certain she is much younger than I...) - what a great sense of style and an eye for fabulous finds.  

Honestly, how nice can people be??? Clearly, even nicer than the exceptionally lovely I already though they were~

What a lovely world this blog community is creating.  I am so fully of happiness I am nearly bursting~



Ez said...

Ohhh... this was so delightful to read! Thank you again for the beautiful inspiration of your wonderful photo and your incredibly kind compliments as well.

Kimberlee said...

Oh I so hear you! It is the biggest buzz and just fills you to the brim. And I must admit, I was always one to think the 'world wide web' was full of weirdos and crazies. Um, if our little blogging community doesn't totally blow that perception to a million pieces, I don't know what does! love your work miss M xx

Queen B. said...

Oh Mimi,Your home is quite stunning.
May I ask the color of your bathroom ? It looks like some sort of soft blue to me.

Lissa said...

My oh my... Thank you so much for your kind words! Have a fabulous weekend!! Such inspiration comes from you!!! (in such a short time) :)

sherry lee said...

It is wonderful to be appreciated by others and that they want to share the beauty you see and create.

paige said...

glad i found your great blog too!!