12 March 2009

With spring promising to arrive sometime soon, I begin to dream in earnest about the potential for outdoor projects on the property.  

One thing that I say I am going to do every year (and then just never get around to...) is setting up someplace gorgeous to eat outdoors.  

I love the idea of having someplace outside for those beautiful summer evenings where we can sit for hours as a family or with friends, eating, and talking, and just enjoying the fact that it is summer.  We really do have such an incredible property, and the potential to create a marvelous outdoor dining area is just too high to not do it this year.  

(honestly, how hard would it be to build this...?)

So that is the first thing on my official "Spring is coming" to do list!
(that and find a place to hang a wonderful clothes line...)

(thanks Melaine for finding me a photo of yet another project for the summer!)


Melaine Thompson said...

Kim, you need to add those french doors off your kitchen and set up a little area for eating outdoors. I can totally see the white round bulb string lights hanging from trees with your fabulous food sitting on some great flea market table with french linens and of course, me, over for dinner! Can you add that to your to do list? Please? Melaine :)

mimi charmante said...

Seeing as you and your hubby are so incredibly handy - maybe the two of you could run on over and throw those doors in... I will then happily create a patio area outside those doors and set up something wonderful!

sherry lee said...

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who plans projects (in her head!) and doesn't actually get around to completing them...I wish you every success in creating a space as you've dreamed of...life is too short not to isn't it? Last summer I finally began to create my French courtyard at the front of the house...this summer I intend to complete it!!

vicki archer said...

These photographs make me want to eat outdoors right now - hurry up Spring, xv.

Anne Marie said...

Okay! That was great! You just jolted my senses outside....lots of cleaning to do out there....raking, planning.....oh heck- forget the raking...where's that table going this year? How about those adorondacks Dad made?
Where should I have that spring supper?
hee hee

Joyce said...

I love these settings outdoors! I was at estate sale yesterday and can't get my mind off a small vintage table that would look great outside. If it isn't there today it wasn't meant to be. I can't wait to see what you create. Enjoy! xoxo